Information in English

Welcome to our general practitioner (GP) doctor’s office in the heart of Munich. Our practice treats a large variety of diseases and is easily accessible by public transport.


  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide „general practitioner care“ for any other patients, but we still offer „open consultation-hours“ for everyone. In order to classify newly occurring complaints, you will be examined and treated in a problem-oriented manner. These kind of appointment has a length of 7 minutes.
  • Please come to the practice 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • Patients with whom general practitioner care care has been agreed in a personal conversation are of course treated to the full extent in the regular consultation-hours.
  • Please prepare yourself by writing down important information such as relevant previous illnesses, medication and allergies on a piece of paper. Preferably use our anamnesis form:


  • Because of the coronavirus pandemic/ Covid-19, infectious diseases of all kinds are initially treated in the video consultation or, if necessary, by telephone.
  • A sick-note can be arranged by video conference.
  • Patiens who come to us without prior consultation with a cough, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea or similar must immediately leave the practice without exception.

Here you can find more information about the coronavirus and the testing options in our practice:


You can book an appointment via the online calendar:

Or you can call to make an appointment

  • +49 89 53 13 55


  • In acute life-threatening cases, call immediately 112 (emergency medical services).
  • Out of consultation-hours, you can contact the public medical service with the phone number 116 117.

Holidays and shortened opening-hours

  • Current information is always announced at the „Start“ page in the dark blue area in the middle part of the page. You can use this LINK.
  • Please check our availability before an unannounced visit.


We make sure that you can come to our doctor’s office without hesitation even in times of coronavirus (Covid-19). We have taken a number of measures for this:

  • All respiratory infections (including common-cold) are initially treated telemedically at home. If that is not enough, the examination in our practice is only carried out in justified individual cases. This takes place separately from all other patients in a special consultation-hour in which special rules apply. Infect patients, for example, are given a face mask when they enter the practice and are asked to disinfect their hands.
  • All surfaces and door handles are cleaned several times a day with effective surface disinfectants.
  • All handles, buttons and light switches in the stairwell and elevator are also cleaned daily with surface disinfectant.