Information in English

Welcome to our general practitioner (GP) doctor’s office in the heart of Munich. Our practice treats a large variety of diseases and is easily accessible by public transport.


  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide „general practitioner care“ for any other patients, but we still offer „open consultation-hours“ for everyone. In order to classify newly occurring complaints, you will be examined and treated in a problem-oriented manner. These kind of appointment has a length of 7 minutes.
  • Please come to the practice 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • Patients with whom general practitioner care care has been agreed in a personal conversation are of course treated to the full extent in the regular consultation-hours.
  • Please prepare yourself by writing down important information such as relevant previous illnesses, medication and allergies on a piece of paper. Preferably use our anamnesis form:


We would like to inform you that we currently CANNOT issue sick leave notes over the phone.

Below is a brief guide on how our medical services are currently organized:

  • SICK LEAVE: For minor infections such as a common cold where you only need a sick note, we offer the following:
    • Video consultation: Choose „Video-AU“ via Doctolib.
    • On-site sick leave: A doctor will meet you briefly between appointments to determine your illness. A more detailed examination (e.g., lung auscultation) is not planned for these brief meetings and must be scheduled separately if necessary.
  • APPOINTMENT FOR EXAMINATION: If you are concerned and expect to need a thorough examination, please schedule an appointment during our regular office hours to ensure we have enough time.
    • We also offer last-minute appointments in our „Open consultation-hours“ which can be booked online.
    • In urgent individual cases, please come by without an appointment and we will try to assist you. There may be long waiting times.

MASK MANDATORY: If you come to our practice with an infection, please bring a mask. If necessary, you can receive a mask at the reception.


You can book an appointment via the online calendar:

Or you can call to make an appointment:

  • +49 89 53 13 55
  • The phone menu is available in English


  • In acute life-threatening cases, call immediately 112 (emergency medical services).
  • Out of consultation-hours, you can contact the public medical service with the phone number 116 117.


  • Current information is always announced at the „Start“ page in the dark blue area in the middle part of the page. You can use this LINK.
  • Please check our availability before an unannounced visit.